Attention: Wedding & Travel Planners!

5 Easy Tips to IncreaseYour Destination Wedding Leads For 2021!

And do it over and over again!


In this free training, you will discover:

  • 5 PROVEN tips that make it easy for you to attract all the destination wedding brides you want for the new bridal season, even during this current crisis!

  • Who your ideal destination wedding bride is and what makes her tick! Knowing this makes your business virtually recession proof!


  • The secret to get your ideal bride to willingly raise her hand to give you her name and email... not the crappy one she gives out to be in some type of wedding giveaway! 

  • The proven, reliable, quick-shift you can easily make to turn every message you post into a destination bride attracting windfall!

  • You really can still have a steady flow of QUALITY destination wedding leads for the new 2021 bridal season and beyond!


Say Hello to Tami

Tami is the founder of Paradise Getaways, an award-winning Destination Wedding Design Agency and, a Destination Wedding Coaching and Business Building Community. She was named the #1 Destination Wedding Agent for Playa Resorts and is a multi-six-figure business entrepreneur even though she spent an obscene amount of money on her Sociology degree from a private college! She is a best-selling co-author of Behind the Scenes, a book sharing secrets from the top coaches, experts and consultants.  

She’s a dynamic speaker, having shared the stage with Kim Walsh Phillips, Dana Spinola, Laura Gawne, Susan Bain, Stephen Asprinio and John Cirabisi  

Tami is sharing her success secrets with others so they too can stay in overwater villas in Bora Bora, swim with sharks and stingrays or hum the Jurassic Park theme song aboard a helicopter while gazing upon the majestic waterfalls of Hawaii because…why not?  


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